KNOX Urban Farming Program

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Running from March through November over 3 years, the program offers all participants both in-class and hands-on training and education on multiple farming techniques.  All participants become active farmers working together to supply produce to the Hartford Public Schools and individually based upon their own interests.  Program created for Hartford residents.

The program consists of 3 Levels of support for entrepreneurs with a farm-based business including:

  • level 1 – farm training, skill building and hands-on experience and space for your own farming

  • level 2 – establishing your own farm-based business with training, access to multiple partners for production and insurance coverage, and space for farming

  • level 3 – support and resources for participants as they gain further independence before graduation at the end of the year

Applications are accepted each January.

To schedule a tour of the site, contact:
Christopher Goodwin, Urban Farming Manager (860) 951-7694, ext. 118