CT Valley Farms

Jim Dombroski

Jim has been farming since a young age and is a worm enthusiast! He used to sell worms worldwide for gardens and composting. He met Vicheth and they both shared a passion for farming. They enrolled in the New Entry Sustainable Farm Projects Immigrant and Refugee Incubator Farmer Program in Lowell, MA. Upon graduation from the program they enrolled in the Incubator Farm Program in Simsbury, CT. They began to specialize in Ethnic Crops and became a certified organic farmer. Jim started working for Hartford Food System Mobile Market and is also their ethnic Crops Specialist and Farmer. Through his time there, he came into contact with KNOX. All of the training he has done has helped him become a very successful farmer and is also a certified Master Gardener.

Vicheth Im

There are two places where Vicheth Im lights up with joy: farming and cooking in the kitchen. At Tufts University, Vicheth started her farming career where both she and Jim (her partner) were offered to be incubator farmers at the community farm of Simsbury. Vicheth being Cambodian wanted to grow ethnic produce and learned that a lot of ethnic crops cross between cultures. One of her favorite memories was seeing a little girl who is a native of Trinidad, from Hartford, buy Karela (aka bitter melon) for her mother ever week.  After graduating out of the Incubator farming Program in Simsbury, Jim and Vicheth were thrilled that KNOX was offering farmers and other interested gardeners a chance to learn about urban farming. The city of Hartford is becoming a more urban-farmed city, offering growers the opportunity to provide access to nutritious, organic, locally-grown products to the underserved. Vicheth is honored and delighted to be a part of it all.