Blooms Planters

Beautify your storefront, office, or place of business with a Blooms Planter! Each year, the Green Crew AmeriCorps prepares 300 planters with flowering annuals and centerpieces for citywide beautification. The famous Hartford Blooms program is coordinated in partnership with volunteers and the Hartford Business Improvement District.

The Green Crew plants seeds and seedlings in March and then transfers the plants into large 3-foot planters at end of April. The gorgeous planters are generous in size and are overflowing with locally grown annuals and a centerpiece. Delivery begins in first week of June and we keep extra in greenhouse in case a replacement is needed. Maintenance involves watering, weeding, and fertilizing (which can be done by you or KNOX).

Bloom Planters

Benefits of a KNOX Blooms Planter:

  • Calms traffic
  • Reduces the heat island effect
  • Lowers crime rate
  • Increases property values
  • Creates a pedestrian friendly, walkable streetscape
  • Instills a greater sense of well-being & community pride

Lease a Blooms Planter by calling KNOX for an order form. KNOX delivers the planter in mid-May and we can maintain it for you if you’d like.

For more information, contact Ron Pitz, Executive Director.

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