KNOX is an ever-growing coalition of

residents, volunteers, corporate partners, and community organizations that

actively support all of Hartford’s community members through

environmentally-centered programs.


          · Green Crew Apprentice Program give jobs training and experience in full-time employment to Hartford residents – 11 graduates in 2021!

          · 21 Community Gardens for growing food used by 327 families throughout the entire city!

          · Urban Farming Program teaching best practices in hands-on, innovative, and traditional methods of farming in the city.

          · City Flower Planters for businesses and residents to beautify their streets  and neighborhoods, or to create environmentally friendly and pretty traffic guides.

          · Trees for Hartford Neighborhoods improves air quality and lessens the urban heat island effect with a better tree canopy, while also enhancing property values through targeted tree equity with residential plantings. 700 trees planted in 2021!

          · Our KNOX-developed Environmental Education curriculum and programming inspires 1000+ youth while teaching the values of growing healthy food and caring for our city.

          · The Greater Hartford Green Team creates volunteer events for neighbors to work together Hartford a more beautiful and vibrant city. In the course of working together, volunteers are acquainted with one another and build bridges of understanding and respect.

          · Our unique Hartford Cleans Up program that equips 1,000+ volunteers with tools, supplies, and technical support for a complete city-wide clean-up each year.